1541 Ultimate-II / Ultimate-II+ V3.2 Firmware Download (<--- click here)


Installation instructions:

  • Copy unzipped file to USB stick.
  • Put the USB stick in the U2+.
  • For the 1541 Ultimate-II:
    • Navigate to the unzipped file 'update_audio_3.2.u2u' or 'update_dual_drive_3.2.u2u' and select "Run Update"
  • For the Ultimate-II+:
    • Navigate to the update_3.2.u2p file, and select "Run Update".


Release notes 3.2


  • Completely rewritten SID player, by Wilfred Bos
  • Enhanced version of FC3, by Daniël Mantione
  • Added Tape Index function, as suggested by Tom Roger Skauen
  • Added UCI interface to access the network (TCP/IP and UDP/IP) through Ultimate Command Interface  (documentation pending)
  • Many additions and bug fixes by Henning and Markus, including Home Directory, REU load on startup, EasyFlash write support (manual save), and more.
  • Some enhancements in FTP server
  • Additional bug-fixes.