As announced on July 12, a new product is coming: the Ultimate-64.  Right now, there are some important updates to share:

  • 10 Prototypes have been made, and will arrive at my house for testing within the coming week.  You can see the prototypes here:

  • There have been many emails with "SIGN ME UP"!  So, I am confident to start production as soon as the prototypes have been debugged, and are OK!
  • There were mainly three significant suggestions in these emails:
    • Please use the bigger FPGA, such that future cool features will be possible.
    • Please place TWO SID sockets instead of one.
    • Please include WiFi.
  • The main FPGA (Altera) has quoted me with the price of the both the original as well as the bigger FPGA.  It is feasible to use the bigger FPGA for all boards.
  • The (bigger) Altera FPGAs have already been ordered, because they have a lead time of 13 weeks. They are planned to be delivered by mid-November. This makes that the first batch of volume-produced boards are planned to be shipped before Christmas.
  • If I can find a smaller quantity of FPGAs somewhere, even at a higher price, I *MAY* decide to run a smaller production batch first, if there are people that cannot wait. :-)  (I know there are some..)

And then... the selling price...  Including the bigger FPGA, extra components around the second SID socket, and the WiFi module that will be added by default, the introduction price will be...

€ 209 incl 21% VAT

(or € 172.73 excl VAT, or.. at the time of writing, this equals to USD $204, or AUD 257..)

Note that this price excludes shipping.


How to pre-order

In September, the pre-order list will be open. I decided to wait until the prototypes have been fully qualified and pass all functional, electrical and compliance tests. All e-mail addresses that I can find in my folder "SIGN ME UP", will be mailed when the pre-order list opens. This email will invite you to the page where to pre-order. Please note that the list for 2017 will "only" have 500 places.







For backing up your floppies, also have a look at KryoFlux USB Floppy Controller


KryoFlux is able to read Commodore floppies and create .D64 files. And of course, these work well with the 1541 Ultimates!