On this page you will see some pictures of the progress of the production of the Ultimate-II+ Rev. C.

In February, there was still discussion about the PCB. I argued a bit with the assembly company, as they insisted on ordering the PCB themselves. From a risk perspective, I can understand, but on the other hand, it was necessary to be right on top of it, because for Rev B they had made some changes to the PCB design for giving a better production yield.  Not good; the production yield was actually poor. The following images show the via structure that I proposed. They eventually accepted it and also my demand that no PCB data was to be changed without informing me.



Later, when the components arrived, it turned out that wrong components were delivered. A power regulator chip had the wrong marking. I am glad that the assembly company actually found this problem, as the label on the packaging was correct.


Since I demanded top-quality PCBs, the delivery of these PCBs actually took a bit longer than planned. Here you can see some pictures of the bare boards as they arrived on the 20th of March.  Looks very good!



The boards for the tape adapters also arrived:


Today, March 31, I received some pictures from the completely assembled boards. 



I was also informed that the test results were positive... my test program turned out to be running on the Rev C boards, and more importantly:  the results are very promising.

They told me that around the 10th of April, all units will be tested and programmed and ready for shipping.  In the mean time, I will prepare all the cases and boxes for shipping the units to you!



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KryoFlux is able to read Commodore floppies and create .D64 files. And of course, these work well with the 1541 Ultimates!