Some boards arrived in a severely damaged state

Broken SDRAM

Broken SDRAM...

Warped board, broken buttons

Warped board, broken buttons...

Dented µSD and USB connectors

Dented µSD and USB connectors...


The assembly company has now sent me unfinished boards, so that I can "help" getting more boards done. As they claim, they are overbooked, and cannot deliver the Ultimate-IIs on time. So.. This is my humble desk at the attic, sacrificing my free weekend.. ;-)

Doing the LEDs and buttons

Doing the LEDs and buttons...

Making a mess, ready for lunch!

Making a mess, ready for lunch!


For backing up your floppies, also have a look at KryoFlux USB Floppy Controller


KryoFlux is able to read Commodore floppies and create .D64 files. And of course, these work well with the 1541 Ultimates!