2016-06-11 News about the Ultimate-II+ published
2016-04-16 Demonstrated the existence of a successor in Maarssen. Prototype with 3D printed case.
2016-03-22 All units were tested, packed and shipped out
2016-03-01 All units allocated, New orders need to wait
2016-02-25 Picked up all 152 boards from the assembly company myself. It was a nice drive. :)  Hope to get to test most of them in the coming weekend.
2016-02-11 152 boards have been SMD assembled, and are now passing to the next stage: conventional component placement
2016-01-04 Placed an allocating order for the assembly company to produce a small batch of 1541 U-IIs.
2016-01-01 Processed the latest payments.
2015-12-29 Started to order parts for the new production in 2016. 
2015-11-07 Reinstalled the site and reverted all database data.
2015-11-06 All remaining Ultimate-IIs were shipped out.
2015-10-31 Site got hacked by some asshole from Tunesia. Service provider took the whole site down by removing all files from public access.. :(
2015-10-17 3.0 beta 5 released and available for download.
2015-10-17 3.0 issue list opened and available from menu bar.
2015-10-17 Sold out... Not sure if I will build another batch?
2015-08-25 Production batch is ready. ~240 units now on stock. Still waiting for the accessories, such as the short IEC cables and SD cards.
2015-06-09 New production order sent out for yet another 240 units. More payments have come in than can be satisfied with current stock.
2015-05-26 240 Units in stock. 160 paid orders (more or less). So just about 80 units left. Preparing mass shipping this week.
2015-05-26 Been working very hard on firmware 3.0. Not completely finished yet. Some units need to ship still with 2.6k. :-(
2015-03-10 OUT OF STOCK. New production started. Expected availability: 2nd week of May 2015.
2015-03-10 Development of firmware upgrade is going well. Four important modules are now in the test and integration phase: New softcore CPU, Task scheduler, new USB host controller and device drivers, Ethernet network stack.
2015-02-12 Whoa!! Almost 2 months, since I updated the status here! Okay, in short: I have been working on the firmware. Some of you that follow some discussion on Facebook, may know that I have been working on the 3.0 firmware, rather than the previously planned 2.7. Why? Because I was running into limitations of the FPGA firmware. So, although 3.0 will look pretty much the same as 2.6, under the hood it will work a bit differently. It's a lot of work, and family life doesn't always allow me to make big steps, but it is getting there.
2015-02-12 Nearly SOLD OUT. If and when there will be a new production batch of hardware units has not yet been decided. First I want to focus on the firmware, to make the 1541U-II an even better product. When production is running, I usually find myself unable to work on the firmware.
2015-02-12 Processed payments, and preparing for shipping of the last few units of the last production batch of 2014.
2014-12-30 All of the pending orders of 2014 were actually shipped!
2014-12-13 Working on soldering the partially assembled units.
2014-12-12 Assembly company also delivered 24 partially assembled units. 
2014-12-12 Assembly company delivered 48 additional units. On the eye, they look good. Testing and packaging will follow this weekend.
2014-12-07 From the 29 units, 6 turned out to be severely damaged. Something went horribly wrong during transport
2014-12-03 Tomorrow I will receive ONLY 29 units from the assembly company. I expected about 100 to be finished by now, but they said they are overbooked. Next Tuesday, they expect more boards to have finished and shipped to me. Anyhow, there is not much that I can do, other than push a little and just be patient. As soon as the 29 boards arrive tomorrow, they will be tested and prepared for shipping.
2014-11-15 Stress-project at work reaches completion. Interestingly, I was able to work on the very deep and low level internals of USB. This will certainly help me to finalize my upgrade of the 1541U-II firmware. 
2014-10-23  Assembly company received all required components and boards to build new 1541U-IIs -> Last batch of 2014
2014-12-13 See the damaged boards and pics of soldering here: Images of news December 2014
2014-08-31 Website was down for some hours: Upgraded CMS system. 

Ultimate-II is open source!  See the documentation on the download page on how to set up the build environment. This document (which is work in progress) also explains how the FPGA and software is structured. Click here to browse the archive.

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