There is only one version of the 1541 Ultimate currently orderable:

The Ultimate-II+, for € 149.95 (incl. 21% sales-tax), thus € 123.93 excluding VAT. This new design comes with a plastic case and is a full redesign of the 1541U-II. It includes three USB ports, integrated 100 Mbps Ethernet port, HiFi audio and real time clock. The MicroSD-card has been removed, in favor of more USB ports. Keep an eye on the main page to learn about the project and production status.

If you like to order, please register with the site, and find the menu item "Order Now!" at the top of your screen. Fill out your info and you will be automatically added to the (pre-)order list.

Difference between pre-order and confirmed orders

Pre-ordering does not obligate you to actually BUY the unit; it is a measure for me to see how many units  I need to produce. When you confirm your order, I do expect you to actually make a payment as well. Making a payment will put you on the shipping list. Earlier payments will be higher on the shipping list.



The Ultimate-II+ cartridge will be shipped to you as a personal postage package. If you are living outside of the European Union, your country may apply additional taxes upon receiving your package. Most likely, though, the value of the package is below the taxable limit, so you won’t be having any problems.

Note on the use of German Mail (Deutsche Post) service:  Due to the extreme price increase with TNT some years ago, and the continued bad experience with them, I have decided to stop shipping through TNT, unless it is not otherwise possible.

Orders will be grouped into shipping batches and sent by Deutsche Post as a mass shipping. If the batch is small, I first send the whole shipping batch to a representative in Germany, who brings the packages to the post office there. If the shipment is a bit bigger, I drive to Germany myself to drop them off at the post office.

Outside of the EU, the tax does not need to be paid. However, you might need to pay import tax upon receiving the package. Likely, this will be less than the 21% paid within the EU. When placing your order online, you will see the exact specification and total amount to pay. The same amount should appear on your order-status.


So far, there is no fancy Web shop with integrated payment system. You will have to make your payment manually. There are a few ways to transfer the amount:

-         Directly by bank, using the following account:

  • IBAN account number: NL19 KNAB 0723 9497 51
  • Account name: Gideon's Logic Architectures, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
  • Bank name: Knab (Capellalaan 25, Hoofddorp)

-         Using PayPal  (3.5 % surcharge)

o       Account:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Never forget to clearly state your ORDER ID from the order status page, for a swift and easy handling of your order. If your personal info is not clear, or the amount is not correct, all I can do is just refund and you’d have to make your payment again.

Thank you all for the trust that you put in me and for the interest in this project, which once started as merely playing around with FPGAs. But without your support it would never have gotten this far! Thank you that I have been able to learn so much from this project in many aspects.